Monday, July 28, 2008

SeaWorld ~ San Diego, CA

We headed to San Diego, CA friday morning with the Pfeifers' and got there at lunch time. We ate lunch, checked into our hotel and were off to Coronado Island. We went to the beach and it was such a wonderful night! The water was really cold, the only one that really liked it was Hannah. She did not want to get out, it was super funny.

After playing at the beach, we were starved. We hunted for a pizza place only to end up at a Home Town Buffet. It was perfect, we got to eat balanced meals, especially since we snacked all day.

Saturday was Sea World day!!! We got there in time for a Shamu show which we loved. The girls really got into it, they watched the whole thing. Elle loved seeing Shamu and the other whales dive in and out of the water.

The day then was filled with going to see all the sea life creatures. We saw otters, sea lions, flamingos, fish, eels, turtles, penguins, dolphins, manatees, dogs, cats, pigs and birds.

We saw this show with dogs, cats, pigs, and birds. It really made us miss our animals at home. We even thought about sending them to whatever training camp to learn the stunts. We could not believe that most of the animals were from shelters. I don't even think I can explain the show, it was so unbelievable.
We also saw a sea lion and otter show, plus the late show of dolphins. The dolphin show had flames and lots of splashing the crowd. We were amazed at all the people that chose to sit in those aisles, and yet they were still running when they got splashed. HUH! Oh, well. Elle really enjoyed this show, she was clapping when everyone else was and dancing to the music.

Sunday we all went back to Coronado Island to really play in the water and sand. Elle, Patrick and I got right into the water, WOW was it cold. It did get warmer the longer we were in, but we only got in one time. Playing in the sand was much more fun. Patrick and Steve played with the football, while Nancy and I played with the girls. We stayed for about two hours then it was time to head home.
We had a fabulous time, even if there was drama in the mix! Patrick said he would like to head back in five years! Elle will really enjoy Sea World the older she gets, she really enjoyed herself more than I thought she would. We are so glad we went.
I will post the slideshow soon, but for now here are some of my favs.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Patrick woke up on his birthday and said he wanted to take Elle to the mall and get her ears pierced. He was really frightened at the pain it might cause her, but she was strong. She cried maybe for two or three minutes. She looks even prettier now.

Then today, we woke up, went to the gym. On our way home we decided to get the tires on the car looked at before our trip. So we did just that! Our car is ready to go. I will have to post those pics when we get back, for now enjoy these.
Patrick turned one year older yesterday(the 22nd)!!! Sunday I had a surprise dinner party at one of our favorite restaurants, Z Tejas. He had no clue and it was great! My friend Yaneth almost ruined it though, I covered that up, phew! Patrick just thought we were going to dinner with our friend Bob and Jodi. We had a great turnout; George, Dad, Lee, grandpa, grandma, Jeremy, Andrea, Steve, Nancy, then Elle and I!! Oh, yeah plus Bob and Jodi.

I had asked Patrick what he wanted for his birthday and he told me a LIVE pig. He wanted me to butcher the pig so we would have meat for an entire year. Yeah right, that is disgusting. I would never butcher anything, never! So I did what any wife would do, substitute!!

We went out with Bob and Jodi the night before to a Diamondbacks game. Okay, okay, so we did not make it to the game itself. We got there at the 7th inning stretch. We went into Sliders across from the stadium and watched the rest of the game and drank. We had some much needed alone time!! We met up with our friends after the game was over and went out to a different bar and had a great time.

Here are the pictures from both events!!
HUMAN CAT!!! The picture explains for itself, our little boy Grayson. Enjoy!
I finally got my DIPLOMA from college!!! I did graduate in 2002 from University of Findlay with a bachelors degree in Visual Communications. I had not received it by mail and always wanted to call and get one sent. Patrick and I were talking about it, so I emailed them and within two weeks received it!! YEAH, its finally made a home in the beautiful frame my dad got me back then. The poor frame had been sitting lonely for 6 years. Here is a picture of my new prized possesion!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Patrick and I went to Las Vegas Saturday night for a concert with our friends Bob and Jody. We got to Kingman and stopped in Ross. We were in search of a black leather vest, sweat bands and tube socks. Well, we found none of those items.
Next, we arrive in Vegas at noon, stop at a Savers(thrift store) still in search of those items. Jody and I found two black leather vests. We hunt down Patrick and he tries them on, here is the best photo of him in it.What Patrick did not realize when wearing the vest was that is was a womans vest, it had seams down the front to accent a womens curves. He really loved it and was ready to buy the vest. Jody commented how she really liked how the seams looked and we all died laughing. He immediately told us he was not getting it and took it off very fast.
We exit Savers with no purchases, just empty stomachs that were calling us to feed them. Bob had suggested this Italian Deli and we were off. The food was delicious, I had eggplant stromboli and Patrick, meat lovers pie.
After checking in to our hotel, we get to Sunset Station to see Great White and Warrant perform. It was an outside venue and we were all excited. Great White opened up and they were awesome, I only knew maybe one song.
I think I would like to be a lead guitarist in my next life or a lead singer! Here are there pics.
So the next act was Warrant, wow what a bummer they were. The lead singer Janie Lane was so messed up he could not even sing. He would leave the stage and come back and he would get "booed." I really felt bad for the rest of the band. There were people leaving and others just shaking their heads. A huge disappointment from Warrant. Oh, well, I had a great time anyways! Here are a couple pictures of us at the concert.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

So, July is here!! Elle celebrated her 2nd 4th of July, although this year she saw fireworks. We put her to bed about 7pm, then woke her up at 9:20pm to head out. We found a great spot, parked the car and watched from the car. We got out and rested on the trunk. She was very scared at first, the BANGS were echoing. She got used to the noise and was awed by the bright colorful lights. At the end she even started pointing at them and talking.

During the day, we took an excursion with Nancy, Hannah and Ashley. We had a great day, were heading back home when Nancy realized she had no way to get into her house. We had already been out of town for oh, four or so hours. Her girls had not slept, Elle was sleeping, thank god. So, we get close to home, she calls her husband, we turn around and go meet him. Poor little Hannah was so tired, but when we turned around and had to wait for Nancy's husband she got in such a great mood. Its amazing how our children can be so fussy one minute, then the next be as happy as ever! God love them!

Overall, it was the best 4th of July's I have had in a very long time. Thanks Patrick for taking us to watch the fireworks! I love my family.
The 28th was also my great-grandpas 80th birthday, so we took him out to dinner at the Olive Garden. It was so much fun, great-grandma, grandpa, nanaLee, uncle E, dad, mom and me just laughing and telling stories. We even got him a Oreo birthday cake, it was really good, and I think he liked it too!
After dinner, we got to spend the night at their house. I had not been there is a while, so it was fun. It was my first time walking around the house, there was lots to explore. Plus there was plenty of room to run around. Viking(their dog) and I played ball, he is so good at catching the ball.
I am mad at mom, we did not take any pictures of the family for great-grandpa's 80th birthday. We will have to visit with them soon, so we can take some pictures. 80 is a great age and NanaLee told him, its the new 50! Happy birthday great grandpa!
On the 28th, moms friend Dawn and her daughter came to visit! Anna had never met me, but she and Dawn made us great gifts before I was even born. They made me a necklace with my full name in beads, mom a necklace and also napkin rings. I had a great time playing with Anna, she is so sweet. We went to lunch at Teakwoods and Anna ate peanuts and threw them on the floor. They make a weird sound when you step on them. Mom was happy to see Dawn, they used to work together at the country club. So they caught up on all the latest news. I hope they come back again!

Check out my necklace!!

Thanks Anna

Mom and I went to the grocery this morning and we went through the toy department. I had to put my old doll to rest, dad had washed her in the washing machine. She was not able to talk anymore:( Mom introduced me to a couple dolls before I caught my eye on this one doll. A newborn cabbage patch, with blue eye and brown curly hair!!
Mom was excited too, she told me the story of her very first one. She said that glamma and aunt Debbie fought for Cabbage Patch kids when they first came out. Holy Cow! I am one lucky girl to have found this one, I cherish her. I feed her and make sure she gets plenty of rest. We play with my doll house to and I push her around in the hippo cart! She is fun, but poodle is still #1! Love ya POODLE.
My Uncle Eric had a birthday on the 22nd. Grandpa, Grandma, mom and I took him to Cracker Barrel for breakfast! We also went shopping together, which I love to do! He is so much fun, I just love being goofy together with him. I love being myself, GOOFY!
Happy Birthday Uncle Eric.

Uncle E- I could rock here all day with you.

You know, if you make that face, it will stick!

Do you think we could get this rocker?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Wow what a fun June we have had! I can't believe I have slacked on updating our blog.
We have been trying to head to the pool everyday, but some days we just don't make it. Elle is getting better at swimming and enjoying the water more. Patrick and I are still frightened about her drowning. All it takes is a split second and her little face is in the water.
We even filled up her little baby pool one day so she could swim in the back yard. That was fun, well, until the flies got out of control. The dogs were playing in the planters and coming up to Elle in the water, wondering what she was doing. Tito even decided he would join her and cool off. Jerome and Woody are the sun bathers, they did not to be in the shade.
Elle has also really gotten into dressing up lately. Pretty much every day she would put on her little sea shell necklaces from Hawaii. Then I thought, well she must be getting bored with those, so I pulled something even better out! She's such a GIRL and I LOVE IT!!
Enjoy the pictures!