Saturday, April 28, 2012

Birthdays at Disneyland

Patrick and I decided instead of a party for the kids, this year we would take them to Disneyland.  We went a couple years ago and had a ball.  This year was even better, the kids enjoyed it so much more!  The first day we went to Disneyland and the park was EMPTY!  The longest we ever waited in line was about TEN MINUTES.  The very first ride we all went on was Snow White, we had never done this one and were told just before going that it was scary.  Patrick and I knew our kids liked scary things, so we were not worried.  Ivan sat with me and Patrick and Elle behind us.  Ivan started crying from fright and Elle was as well.  When we got off, Ivan was still whimpering but VERY worried about Elle.  He kept telling her "It's okay Elle."  He is such a good brother, always looking out for her and vice versa.

That evening, it was great, we were in Toontown and could immediately get on rides after they were over, no one was in line.  Ivan fell in love with his first roller coaster.  He rode that thing three times and the first time he was crying so hard he wanted to ride it again.  Patrick thought he was scared, but he kept saying "AGAIN!"  Here is the video of Ivan the second time around!

Ivan melted my heart with how HAPPY he was.  I love seeing my kids so happy.  They are truly the best kids ever!.

The next day we went to California Adventures and we saw TONS of characters there.  Ivan was so tired from the day before that he slept pretty much the entire time we were in the park.  Elle and I rode quite a few rides, I took her on the Tower of Terror.  She was pretty frightened, it was cute.  She will tell you she was scared too!

This was definitely a birthday they will remember!  Happy Birthday Elle and Ivan, MOM LOVES YOU VERY MUCH!