Sunday, November 15, 2009

Moving on Over

So I have started a new blog for our family, check it out! You will still be able to view our blogspot blog, I will not be deleting it. Thanks for joining us in our new venture!

Peek a Boo

Here is a sneak peek, I will share the rest with you once I get them! Paula found this pecan grove at the Indian Reservation south of our house. Now that we have our complete family, two boys and two girls, I thought it would be fun to wear our true colors.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I have been very bad lately about posting. On the 24th of October, Patrick and I had a party to attend with his fellow employees. Vicki has had a halloween party for the past couple years and this year was our first time being able to go. It was tons of fun, here are the photos from our night!

The day before halloween I had my friends and their kids over for a little party. Here are the photos from all the fun we had.

Oh, halloween, how I hope next years is 100% better. What a day I had this year, lots of drama. Well as you saw the week before Patrick and I went as Greek Romans. So halloween night was another huge party and Patrick did not want to be the same characters as the last party. Well, we came up with OJ Simpson and his ex-wife. Well the friday before halloween he decided that was to old. Okay, no biggie! I came up with Taylor Swift and Kayne West; he was very excited.

Long story short, no halloween party for us. Hair disaster, car wreck and fight with the hubby all ending with me going to bed by 11pm. Plus, friends stuck finding the next best thing as far as a party to attend. Here are the only photos taken from Halloween night, and they are not even good. The lighting is all off, but you can at least see my kiddos in their costumes. Elle was supposed to be a pumpkin fairy, but refused to wear her costume. She went as a Mandalay Bay employee! lol

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ivan is SIX months!

Can you believe he is already six months? I can't, seems like yesterday he came out into the world. He is full of joy!

He is sitting up completely on his own for very long periods of time. Today I caught him up on his hands, one knee and one foot. Crawling?? I really hope he crawls and doesn't jump to walking. I love to watch babies crawl all over the place.

Anyways, Ivan is a very content little guy. He lets anyone hold him and giggles when you talk to him. I swear he says "hi" when I go into his room in the mornings. I always say "hi, good morning Ivan!"

He loves to watch Elles every move. Sometimes she is not very nice to him, but he doesn't seem to care. She makes up, she tickles him, rubs his hair and occasionally kisses him. They are so so so cute together! Elle really is though good at playing with him, when he is in his excersaucer.

My friend Paula has been taking Ivan's pictures since birth and she had the best location this time. I hope you enjoy the photos just as much as I do, enjoy!