Thursday, May 29, 2008

I thought I would share some good news!

Sidney Woman Could Face Death Penalty In Recent Murder

SIDNEY, Ohio -- Meeting in a special session, the Shelby County Grand jury returned an aggravated murder indictment with a death penalty specification Thursday afternoon agaisnt Gloria Ann Jelks, 36, of Sidney.

She is accused of beating to death Paul Wilt, 80 of Sidney.

According to Sidney police, a caregiver found the body of Wilt in his Independence Court home in Sidney the morning of May 13. Wilt died from "blunt force trauma to the head," according to Sidney police spokesperson Capt. Rod Austin.

Jelks was also indicted on a charge of aggravated robbery.

Police say they found Wilt's home ransacked and an undetermined amount of cash missing.

Jelks is held in the Shelby County jail without bond.

"What was done to Wilt was heinous and should never happen to anyone," said Shelby County prosecuotor Ralp Bauers.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Laying Grandpa to rest

Driving to Sidney yesterday, I was so sick. Having no sleep and thinking about what really happened in grandpas case, drove me to insomnia. Feelings of sadness and confusion are things I had never felt before. Being with the rest of my family made things harder, but overall much better.

Knowing my mother wanted so badly to see grandpas face made me want to as well. I was shocked to see the casket closed at the viewing. You should have seen all the people that came to support us and send their condolences. I believe we had over two-hundred people who knew grandpa from their love of horses; or people he had built homes for many years ago. There were so many people that grandpa touched throughout his life, it made me so proud to be his granddaughter.

Meeting new people that I had heard stories about and finally getting to put a name with a face. People also many stories they shared with us, that we had never heard. Seeing relatives I had not seen in years, brought me back to those fun days. It made me really realize that family will and does always come first.

So, we came back home last night after dinner with our family. Again no sleep for me. I was either again trying to figure out this case or mentally talking with my grandparents. Then Elle awoke at 4am and slept with Patrick and I. It felt so good:)

We arrived at the church where my grandparents, my mom and her siblings went and it was a familiar scene. Watching the pallbearers carry grandpa up to the hall, then standing waiting to have my time with him. I could not handle myself, I kept telling myself "its okay," but in reality it wasn't. My mom and Grandma Nancy had come up and told me to always remember the good times. I constantly do and have for years. Its like I have a recorded VHS tape in my head.

I had not seen my grandpa for years and it tears me apart. It pained me when I would be on the plane headed back to Phoenix. Another trip and no visit with grandpa. I can't blame myself, but its hard. He never met Patrick or Elle in real life, only through pictures I would send.

The funeral was so beautiful, I had never been to one quite like it. I just can't even put it into words. At the cemetary we said our last goodbyes to grandpa. This was also a hard time for me, because I had never been to my grandmas grave. Her and grandpa now rest side by side! I pulled off a white rose from the bouquet on grandpas casket and laid it down on grandma side. Then pulled another one and brought that home with me.

I feel so much better after seeing where they are. The land they have is pretty, overlooking their town, family and all the things they love together. You could not ask for anything better for two people you love dearly.

Grandpa's caregiver told me that grandpa had Elles pictures on top of the TV and Patrick and I's on his dresser. She also told us(grandkids) how super proud he was of us. He never ever missed a birthday or Christmas, we would always get a card with a surprise. I know he loved us so very much.

What made my day brighter was going with Grandma Nancy to the vets stables to see the newest baby in the family. One of my uncle Bills and Grandma Nancy's mares had a baby Thursday night. They named him Big Brown or we call him "Pablo" for grandpa. He was so worried about this baby for quite sometime. Grandma said he would call her all worried and have to run over to the barn to check on it(well the mother). The mother was not showing good signs of a healthy pregnancy and it scared him. Everything turned out great, he is so sweet.

We walked around the barn, I touched every horse there and feed a few. There was another horse I was fond of, she is a Thorobred and just massive. I fed her a couple treats, after the first treat she smiled at me(picture Mr. Ed:)). Loved it, gave her my last treat and she smiled again. I wanted to bring her home with me. HAHA! Patrick said "not now." We need more pets, right?!

Well, my heart will ache for a while. It needs time to heal and it will!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

After waking up yesterday, I took pictures of baby Robin birds on my moms back porch laying in the nest of a flower pot. We get to Botkins and my uncles one Mare had a baby the night before. The colt was left at the vet, since he is not able to watch her closely. However, my sister, cousin and I stopped at the barn and checked out the other Mare and her baby. I took some great pictures of them as well!

Returned to my moms house, my sister, Elle and I went for a walk. As we got onto the golf course, we spotted five deer. Of course I took pictures, they are so beautiful. We all walked down to a creek and Elle and I hopped onto a rock in the middle and sat. Elle loved it, the sound of the water is so peaceful, we all needed it.

Walking back to the house, I joked with my sister about how today I took a bunch of pictures of wildlife. LIFE, the animals jusr reminded me that reproduction is what we live for. So going through my grandfathers situation, LIFE and everything about it, is what is pulling me through.

These pictures are so beautiful.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Grandpa Wilts obituary

PAUL W. WILT 80, of 138 Independence Ct. Sidney and former Botkins resident, passed away Tuesday, May 13, 2008 at his residence.
He was born on September 13, 1927 in Dinsmore Twp. the son of the late Clarence and Clara (Fogt) Wilt.
In 1950 he married Carol Ann (Henkener) Wilt who preceded him in death on August 10,1979. He is survived by 1 Son, William Wilt and his wife Diana of Botkins, OH. 2 Daughters, Karen Vikre of Powell, OH. and Debra and husband Robert Kozyak of Caseyville, IL. 7 Grandchildren, Kendra Wilt, Gina (Rigo) Monzalvo, Liza (David) Sharp, Noelle (Patrick) Espy, Robyn Vikre, Eric Vikre and Justin Kozyak. 3 Great Grandchildren, Natalia Cruz, Christian Monzalvo and Elle Espy.
2 Sisters, Mrs.Robert (Doris) Rotterman of Kettering, OH. and Esther Mannix of Dayton, OH. and his wife Nancy (Hewitt) Wilt.
Mr.Wilt was preceded in death by 2 Brothers, Roger and Kenneth Wilt and 1 Sister, Evelyn Mosier.
Paul owned and operated Harry's Paint Shop and Wilt Homes in Botkins for 32 years, before retiring in 1982. He moved to Sidney and established Wilt Quarter Horses and spent many years raising and showing registered American Quarter Horses.
He was an avid player of league baseball as a young man before he enlisted in the US Army in March of 1946.Paul served in the Counter Intelligence Corp. in Japan, reporting directly to General MacArthur.
Paul was a member of the St.Paul Lutheran Church in Botkins, the Sidney American Legion Post #217 and the Sidney VFW Post. He was a life member and an approved judge for the American Quarter Horse Assoc., Palomino Horse Breeders Assoc. and the National Reining Horse Assoc. He was also a member of the National Snaffle Bit Assoc.and the Ohio Quarter Horse Assoc.He was past president of OQHA and a tri-chairman for 17 years of the largest single breed horse show in the world, the All American Quarter Horse Congress, held in Columbus annually. He was also a National Director and Honorary Vice President for the American Quarter Horse Assoc. and had been inducted into the Ohio Quarter Horse Hall of Fame.

Funeral Services will be held Monday at 10:30 A.M. at the St.Paul Lutheran Church, Botkins,OH. with the Rev. Robert Carter and Dr. Keith Wagner officiating.
Burial will be at Loramie Valley Cemetery in Botkins. Friends may call on Sunday from 1 to 5 P.M. at the Cromes Funeral Home 302 S.Main Ave. Sidney,OH.
In lieu of flowers, the family suggest that Memorials be made to the St.Paul Lutheran Church building fund in memory of Paul W. Wilt. Envelopes will be available at the funeral home.
Condolences may be expressed to the Wilt family at our website,
So last night I got here and it hit me. I was really home to bury my grandpa and see all my family cry. It was great to be with my mom, brother and sister all under one roof. We stayed up till midnight just chatting and figuring out the plans for the weekend.

So this morning I was awoken by my sister to get up. We believe they found the killer and need to leave soon. This is what I dreamed about last night, so I guess I am excited.

Speaking mentally to grandpa he is now Elle's guardian angel, he will look over her throughout her life.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

“ My Grandpa ”
There came the day you went away
But only from sight and sound
I felt my heart break as your soul departed
From that cold, empty ground
You meant more to me than words could say
You filled me with so much love
Each and every time I look to the stars,
I know that you're above
I can feel you watching over me
I hear your soothing voice
God left us here for some unknown plan
Its not for us to ask why
I know you want me to remember you,
And recall every time you smiled
Your smile lighted so many rooms
And even many more hearts
I thank God each and every day
That you were an important part
You gave me something that no-one-else would
The love of you “My Grandpa” because no-one-else could.
Author~Shirley Ann Parkerson

Grandpa Wilt and I after I graduated high school

Grandpa Wilt and Grandma Nancy
Awaiting answers about grandpa Wilt is very hard for me. If only I could be with my family right now. Talking with my immediate family and one of my cousins today, we are all shocked.

I just got done watching the news casts from today at grandpas house. Seeing my uncle and step-grandma in the video walking up to the house really hit me hard. Then watching one of the videos pull his body out on the stretcher hit even harder.

I will lie in bed tonight and mentally talk to grandpa, tell him I love him and miss him dearly. I will someday see him again!

Here is one write up on grandpa.
5/14/2008 8:49:00 AM Email this article • Print this article

SIDNEY POLICE Department detectives investigate the suspicious death of Paul V. Wilt at his residence at 138 Independence Court in Sidney Tuesday afternoon.

Police investigate death
How Paul Wilt died has not been releasedHow Paul Wilt died has not been released

By Jim Painter
Staff Writer

Sidney Police continue to investigate the suspicious death of 80-year-old Paul V. Wilt of Sidney on Tuesday. Detectives are looking into a recent burglary at his residence to determine any connection.

Officials report Wilt had suffered trauma to the body, but the exact cause of death has not been determined.

Wilt was a long time home builder from the Botkins area and heavily involved in quarter horses.

Police department dispatchers received a call about the death at 10:20 a.m., according to Capt. Rod Austin. Once officers arrived it was determined to investigate the death further.

Police cordoned off Wilt's property at 138 Independence Court, located in the Northwood Village condominium property. Officers began canvassing the neighborhood for evidence and questioning of residents.

Police would not speculate on what may have occurred. A specialist from the Miami Valley Regional Crime Lab assisted detectives at the scene.

Officers impounded several cars within blocks of Wilt's residence that had been broken into. Steering columns had been broken in an attempted to steal the vehicle. City workers removed sewer lids for police searching for clues.

Detectives continue to investigate the April 13 break-in of Wilt's home. Thieves took a 16-gauge shotgun valued at $1,000, a safe valued at $50, a $1,000 computer and a $200 monitor.

Wilt's body was taken to the Montgomery County Coroner's Office for an autopsy, Austin said.

Neighbors said Wilt was active despite being handicapped having lost a leg. Using a motorized scooter, Wilt was able to drive his van. One said he rode the scooter many times on North Main Avenue.

Several neighbors said Wilt had become disheartened due to the break-in while he was hospitalized. Thieves gained entry by breaking a front room window in an enclosed patio area.

"He was just mad that someone would do that to him. He kept asking 'Why me?'", said Shirley Rose, president of the Northwood Village Homeowners Association.

"He always offered to help someone. He was a good soul and would help anyone if they needed it."

Rose said Wilt had been living there for more than three years and the neighborhood has been relatively safe. She did say a resident reported to her that around 1 a.m. the day Wilt's home was broken into five males were seen walking through the complex on Liberty Court.

Rose stated a health care nurse would stop by each morning around 9 a.m. to care for Mr. Wilt. Police would not confirm who had found Wilt's body.

A neighbor to Wilt who was seen speaking to police, but refused to be identified by the Sidney Daily News, said they heard someone outside their residence around 4:15 a.m. Tuesday. Awake at the time, their dog soon alerted them a possible intruder was outside. The neighbor said they could hear people running from their property.

Robert and Patsy Maxwell, 140 Independence Court, are the closest adjoining neighbors to Wilt. The couple were up until 1 a.m. Tuesday, but didn't hear anything suspicious.

"We didn't know anything was going on until the police were here," said Robert Maxwell. He said the construction of the condo building was such that very seldom would neighbors hear anything from an adjoining resident.

Patsy Maxwell said Wilt lived alone, but was away most of the time. She said he received regular visits from his nurse, housekeeper and granddaughter.

Mary Durbin, 201 Lunar St., said numerous vehicle break-ins have been reported recently in the neighborhood. She said she knew of the Wilt break-in and that he was in the hospital at the time.

Durbin and her husband did not hear or see anything suspicious from across the street during the night.

Wilt was a lifelong home builder establishing his business from Harry's Paint Shop in Botkins, which he purchased in the early 1960's. By 1976, Paul Wilt Homes was erecting 20 to 30 houses a year, according to a Sidney Daily News article.

In 1981, Wilt's son, William Wilt, along with William Wendel and James Buehler, purchased the business.

In 1978, Wilt opened the Paul Wilt Quarter Horse Palace at 3554 Sidney-Freyburg Road. He had been handling, breeding and judging quarter horses for the past 25 years at the time.

In 1995, Wilt was elected president of the Ohio Quarter Horse Association. In 1996, he was inducted into the All-American Quarter Horse Congress Hall of Fame. In 1997, he was chosen as honorary vice president of the American Quarter Horse Association.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My grandpa Wilt passed away last night. I am super super sad, confused, troubled, mad and brokenhearted.
Thinking about all the fun we had together as a family. Thanksgiving and Christmas at your house, all us kids playing with our new toys in the basement with all your horse show trophies. I was so proud of you and still are. Playing BINGO and building puzzles during the holidays will be greatly missed.
Vacationing every other Christmas to West Palm Beach with the family and going to our favorite restaurant for our grand feast. Watching the manatees with you on the porch and talking about baseball and how spring training was going.
Being so excited for October to come so we could go to the American Quarter Horse Congress. Being able to brag to my friends how you were the President and in the Hall of Fame!
Missing the barn, horses and playing around with the kittens in the attic amongst the hay. I love horses because of you. I keep telling Patrick I want ONE. Maybe someday.
Loving how you turned your Suburbans into Cadillacs by switching out the Chevy decals for Cadillac. Remember telling everyone I knew you created the Escalade and telling them the story. It makes me laugh to this day. Then you pretending you were a race car driver showing us how fast your cady could go down the highway. We thought that was so cool.
Thank you for buying me a car that got me to Arizona, thank you for helping my savings account, thank you for just being there when I needed you.
I will remember so many great times with you but, I know you are in a safer place and with the woman of your dreams. She has been watching over me since I was born. You have been waiting for each other and it brings me peace to know you are back together!
I am so honored to be a part of you so thanks for bringing mom into the world who brought me into it too!
I love you and always will, your granddaughter.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Hiddy-Ho from TeamEspy Land! Elle has changed quite a bit in the last weeks. She now is pushing a walker and loving it! She gets annoyed when she runs into the walls and can't walk any further. Once she is turned around, she is so happy.

Her Aunt Kathy bought her a pair of sunglasses. She used to keep these on, but not anymore. I believe she would wear them if she could figure out how to put them on. She has been trying!

We went to a baby shower recently. Elle had fun, she was pretty antisocial but enjoyed herself. That night we came home and cleaned out her closet. We put all her clothes in piles and pulled items out for a garage sale coming up. I found an old halloween hat and put it on her. Usually she would pull it right off, but not this time. So enjoy the pics!

Swimming season has officially started! We went night swimming with the Pfeifers' at their pool. It was much warmer than ours, so it was nice. The air was the coldest part, since there was very little humidity. Elle played with Hannah on the pool deck for a while, standing up and eating.

Elle eventually went in without a fuss to swim with dad, Ashley and Steve. She had a wonderful time eventhough she was a little tuckered-out. Enjoy the pics.