Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The 27th was another fun day! We had Ali and Brandons wedding shower to attend! Ali and Brandon get married on the 31st in Kauai and we are so excited. We will all be basking in the sun for 10 days, and will be coming back very tan. The two of them received some great gifts and had good friends and family there. It was a beautiful day and could not have asked for more. Enjoy the pictures!
Wow, what a week! I have to admit, I have been a little stressed with Elle turning ONE! I do not know why, it just blows my mind that it has been that long already. I truly feel like I just had her yesterday and that she should only be a month old. I know, I'm crazy, whatever!

So Patrick and I were decorating the house, getting the house picked up for our family and friends to come over and we had a great time! My mom and her boyfriend flew in, as well as my sister from Ohio for the weekend and that in itself was the best present Elle could have gotten for her first birthday. Having family around means a lot to us!

With the love from family and friends the party was a huge success, and the cake turned out awesome! The only good picture I have is of her cake. Sorry, I was to busy having fun! I will have to update the pics, when I get more from relatives! You can also click on The Pfeifers blog from ours to see Nancy's good pictures she took. Enjoy.

Our second party for the day was Elles good friend Hannah! Her theme was great, bunny with a lollipop and the party was at the park. There was a giant bunny pinata, lollipops, balloons and wonderful friends and family there to help celebrate! Enjoy the pictures!

Happy Birthday Hannah!

I'm so glad we're friends.

Now, how do I open this?

Yeah, I opened ONE!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We are now down to just one birthday party left for April and we all know whose that is, ELLE!!! She will be ONE here shortly. The little angel is cutting another tooth, possibly more and is in such pain. She is cranky most of the day, does not want to sleep or really eat. On top of her fussing she is still very happy. She pulls through the pain to smile, laugh and dance. Dancing is her new thing right now, Patrick and I were in the car yesterday with her. We were listening to music and in the rear view mirror saw her bobbing her head up and down then side to side. She was smiling to her dance moves. We got home, put music on and she started doing her moves again!

We started at Chloe's birthday and it was a great party! Here are the pictures from hers. Enjoy!

Anne and Chloe

Happy Birthday Chloe

The Clan(Zach, Elle, Chloe, Lucas, Zoey)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Our month of April is filled with fun! We have already been to one birthday party, Tracy(my best friend since age 6)and Patricks' biological grandparents visited.

Elle is growing so much! Her hair is getting thicker and longer, her body has changed so much, I can't even start that list. You will see her pictures and notice yourself. I was just talking with my best friend Trish tonight, she was saying how Elle does not look like the same person from birth. I totally agreed with her, she sometimes looks like Patrick then other times looks like me, then the both of us combined other times. She is talking so much now, she says- yeah, mama, mom, dada, dad, baby and puppy. She gets up into standing position and down to sitting so fast now, its crazy.

She loves the dogs and cats we have here running free around our house. If you could only see her face, you would melt. The dogs will be laying on the couch and she will crawl at light speed to get to them. Just for them to get up with her little touch and run away. Oh, well.

My friend Nancy and I took our girls to the Youth Art Museum a week ago, and Elle loved it. They actually do have an exhibit, which now is the Berenstain Bears. Then they have Artville, which is a bunch of rooms filled with fun. A kitchen, a tv studio, reading room, slides, etc. Elle played in the infant room. She had a ball!

We have two birthday parties to attend to tomorrow, so I will be updating this site soon after. But for now, check out what has been going on lately.