Monday, September 22, 2008

Elle and I went back to Ohio for a long weekend. Boy was it jammed packed with stuff. We got in Wed. night at 8:30pm, time to eat dinner for us, get to my moms and she had a great meal prepared.

Thursday was our shopping day, we got tons of cute stuff. We even found the new babies bedding, lamp and mobile! We are going with a farm animal theme, super cute and unisex. The main bedding color is black, so it will go great with a black crib. Just need to purchase that next. Wow, did not realize how shopping with my mom and sister would completely wipe me out. I was getting dizzy, lightheaded and had to eat and drink constantly. Trying to not make my pregnant body more nauseus.

Friday was supposed to be filled with my in-laws in Dayton. I woke up and felt awful, Elle had been up most of the night and I just could not drive. Let alone get myself out of bed. I felt so bad calling the in-laws and canceling our plans. They were super sad, but completely understood. I hope to see them soon enough! So Elle and I spent the day in our pajamas and layed around the house and played. We did make it outside, which was good of us.

Saturday morning was spent at the Columbus Zoo, we had a blast. It was a gorgeous day on top of the fun. Elle saw her fish, penquins, monkeys and I believe she fell asleep after that. Oh, we did take her on a boat ride, which she did enjoy! She is such an adventurer, takes after her mommy.

Sunday we went to an art festival down by COSI(science center)and found her a really cute tutu, magic wand and headband. Mom also bought some paintings, can't wait to see them hung. Sunday night, we ordered take-out and went boating on Lee's pontoon! Wrigley(dog), Mom, Lee, Robyn, Elle and I piled on and off we went down the Scioto river. It was so peaceful, I could have stayed on that boat for days, so could Elle and Wrigley.

Elle absolutely is a dog lover, especially Wrigley. Now we have three dogs of our own. Would have four, but mom has one-Wrigley. Elle will talk to the dog, giving him commands, hug, kiss and touch all day long. Wrigley loves her back just the same. He protects her, makes sure she is doing okay and lets us know when she is waking up from the night or naps. Its really quite sweet.

Overall, it was hard to leave this Ohio trip, we had fabulous time. Enjoy the pics!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Yes, we are having another baby, due May 3rd. Our new baby is due TWO days after Elle was supposed to be due. We had to have her earlier due to complications, but are super excited.

We were both initially freaked out, but are easing into the thought of another one around the house. Elle turned out to be such an angel, how could we go wrong by having two!

This means we get to have ONE birthday party, which makes it way easier on relatives that live far away. The new baby should have the same great attitude that Elle has, which is a BONUS!

So wish me luck on this pregnancy. I do believe that the stress from work, driving two hours a day, and taking care of the house were causes of my complications. Plus the fact that my heart is messed up, PVC's! I am praying that I do not have the blackouts, loss of memory and scares during this pregnancy. Life seems to be a little more fun playing with Elle!

This weekend, we have laid low, have not felt good for a week. Elle has been sick, but her spirits seem high, so we have been playing. Here are some pics and a video for you to enjoy! (The video is pretty dark, we did not have enough lights on, but you still get the idea)