Monday, March 31, 2008

Our dog Woody!

So this afternoon, Patrick was out racking the rocks, pulling weeds, just making our yard look professional! HAHA. He was out there a while, I had been inside cleaning and doing Home Interiors work. Figured I better go check on him, grabbed Elle and out we went. I find Patrick at the front door, sweeping away the dirt. He looks at me and tells me to look. He is pointing in the direction of the wall. There is only a Texas sage in front of the wall. I did not notice anything, so I said "What?" Finally I noticed what he was so concerned about.

Woody had gotten his head stuck in the middle hole of the brick/wall. Holy moley!! How were we to get him out. I went on the other side of the wall to try to pull him out, poor guy was so scared. Woody would try on his own and he looked like a flopping fish. It was not funny at all at the time, but now I think back and get a sick chuckle. So we still were thinking, how do we help him out? We tried watering him, thinking he could wiggle backwards better out of the hole. NO WAY. I was getting really scared and so was Patrick. He finally called 911, got in touch with Animal Control. We then figured they would take a while, so Patrick called the fire department! They pulled up without the sirens, but you could hear this huge heavy truck approaching from a mile away. Out hopped 5 men, ready to conquer! Our Woody is safe and sound now, but the funny thing is, it was all karma! He had urinated on my friend Nancy earlier today. She is now part of the family!HAHA
So, wow, what a weekend!! We've had a lot of fun since Wednesday, Elle's 11th month birthday. We went to the pool for the first time this year, bought Elle a new raft and WOW was the water cold. We had fun though.

We changed Elle's bike from a rocker to a push bike. She rides it as long as we push her, no time limits. I finally took her outside on it to ride to the mailbox. She just loves it. Her feet do not touch the pedals, they sit on a foot rest. She grabs the handles as strong as she can, every once in a while letting go to HONK the horn. I have taught her that if she presses this spot the horn goes "BEEP" by my mouth. But its so cute.

Saturday night Patrick and I got to go out with our friends! We headed off to Scottsdale, noticed it was 9:00 way to early to go to the 'real clubs.' Went to Mickey's Hangover, hung out until we were ready to hit the next club. Off to SIX it was, we danced our tushes off until we were ready to hop along. We hopped over to Suede where we danced some more! Then it was time to head home, thinking it was early. Got into our car, it was 1:30am!! We are rockstars!!! Having not gone out in ages, we had a great time!

Sunday morning rolled up, we had had 6 hours of sleep. Patrick off to work, I off to pick up the little angel. Got to dad's just in time for breakfast and coffee! Elle and I then headed home, showered and went off to a birthday party of our friend Joseph. His mom and I are a day apart! We had a great time at the party, played with kids, talked and ate way to much CAKE! Came home and snoozed.

Six o'clock showed up real fast, Patrick got home from work. We got ready to head back up to Scottsdale for dinner with Patricks biological grandfather Jake and his wife Lois. They are in town from Denver, plus we met their good friends from LA, Bernie and Sally. We ate dinner and talked and talked, until our little Angel could not keep her eyes open anymore.

So here are the pics from these last couple of days! Enjoy.

Monday, March 24, 2008

We had a great Easter weekend, pretty eventful. Elle went to her first Easter Egg hunt, but did not hunt for eggs. Next year will be her first year hunting. She had a great time with her friends!

Patrick and I had my step-sister, Ali's engagement party to attend. We had way to much fun, plus it was great seeing all of her family and friends. It was a huge success!

Enjoy our pics!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We survived the Ohio weather and had a great time! Elle saw and played in snow for the very first time, she really did not like the wet feeling. However, we did get to sled before it melted away. We took walks in the cold and enjoyed playing outside, not in the snow.

We saw our family and spent quality time with everyone. Our friend Trish is moving from Columbus to Denver, so we will miss her the next time we head to Columbus. Denver is not that long of a flight!!

Elle went through her first tunnel at the play area at Polaris Mall, we had to bribe her with Leap on the other side. She is cruzin' around things which is scary, we do not want her to walk yet. We want her to stay as little as possible. She even now drinks from a sippy cup! We believe she had a growth spurt too, while in Ohio. She seems taller and thinner. Its crazy to us that she is going to be ONE YEAR OLD in a month and a week, YIKES! Its really quite sad, but we have definitely enjoyed every moment.

We all get to be together during the day now, Patricks schedule has changed at work. Pool here we come, you better be ready for the splashing. We are excited to go to Hawaii in two months to celebrate Ali and Brandons wedding. We better hit the gym hard till then.

Anyways, enjoy the pictures and we love you all! Happy Easter:)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Elle has taken a liking to tortilla chips. We were at Macayos last night celebrating our grandparents anniversary and she just dove onto the table for the chips. So, today I was eating some and she stood up and grabbed the bag and pulled it to the floor. She first started pulling them out of the bag and feeding me, then her daddy. She then decided that it was her turn to eat, and here are the pics. Enjoy!