Monday, March 31, 2008

Our dog Woody!

So this afternoon, Patrick was out racking the rocks, pulling weeds, just making our yard look professional! HAHA. He was out there a while, I had been inside cleaning and doing Home Interiors work. Figured I better go check on him, grabbed Elle and out we went. I find Patrick at the front door, sweeping away the dirt. He looks at me and tells me to look. He is pointing in the direction of the wall. There is only a Texas sage in front of the wall. I did not notice anything, so I said "What?" Finally I noticed what he was so concerned about.

Woody had gotten his head stuck in the middle hole of the brick/wall. Holy moley!! How were we to get him out. I went on the other side of the wall to try to pull him out, poor guy was so scared. Woody would try on his own and he looked like a flopping fish. It was not funny at all at the time, but now I think back and get a sick chuckle. So we still were thinking, how do we help him out? We tried watering him, thinking he could wiggle backwards better out of the hole. NO WAY. I was getting really scared and so was Patrick. He finally called 911, got in touch with Animal Control. We then figured they would take a while, so Patrick called the fire department! They pulled up without the sirens, but you could hear this huge heavy truck approaching from a mile away. Out hopped 5 men, ready to conquer! Our Woody is safe and sound now, but the funny thing is, it was all karma! He had urinated on my friend Nancy earlier today. She is now part of the family!HAHA

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Steve & Nancy said...

HAHAHHAHHAHA!!! That's what you get Woody!!! Now, he better think about it twice before he wants to pee on me again!!! :):):)