Monday, March 31, 2008

So, wow, what a weekend!! We've had a lot of fun since Wednesday, Elle's 11th month birthday. We went to the pool for the first time this year, bought Elle a new raft and WOW was the water cold. We had fun though.

We changed Elle's bike from a rocker to a push bike. She rides it as long as we push her, no time limits. I finally took her outside on it to ride to the mailbox. She just loves it. Her feet do not touch the pedals, they sit on a foot rest. She grabs the handles as strong as she can, every once in a while letting go to HONK the horn. I have taught her that if she presses this spot the horn goes "BEEP" by my mouth. But its so cute.

Saturday night Patrick and I got to go out with our friends! We headed off to Scottsdale, noticed it was 9:00 way to early to go to the 'real clubs.' Went to Mickey's Hangover, hung out until we were ready to hit the next club. Off to SIX it was, we danced our tushes off until we were ready to hop along. We hopped over to Suede where we danced some more! Then it was time to head home, thinking it was early. Got into our car, it was 1:30am!! We are rockstars!!! Having not gone out in ages, we had a great time!

Sunday morning rolled up, we had had 6 hours of sleep. Patrick off to work, I off to pick up the little angel. Got to dad's just in time for breakfast and coffee! Elle and I then headed home, showered and went off to a birthday party of our friend Joseph. His mom and I are a day apart! We had a great time at the party, played with kids, talked and ate way to much CAKE! Came home and snoozed.

Six o'clock showed up real fast, Patrick got home from work. We got ready to head back up to Scottsdale for dinner with Patricks biological grandfather Jake and his wife Lois. They are in town from Denver, plus we met their good friends from LA, Bernie and Sally. We ate dinner and talked and talked, until our little Angel could not keep her eyes open anymore.

So here are the pics from these last couple of days! Enjoy.

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