Ivan, he is such a good snuggler.  I hope he ALWAYS come to snuggle with me.  Every morning he wakes up around 7am, comes to wake me then runs to get a movie.  He climbs into my bed, shows me the movie then I put it in and I lay back down and he watches the movie laying on my chest.  I LOVE IT!  We watch the movie till Elle rolls out of bed, so him and I get some good time together. 

Ivan every night dreams about cars, cars and more CARS!  I ask each of my kids what they are going to dream about every night when I tuck them in and kiss them good night.  Ivan always says CARS! hahaha.  He loves to play cars, hold cars, make car noises, anything to do with cars!

I have been having troubles with Ivan obeying me, so he has been in some trouble lately.  He will get the listening/obeying down SOON, I hope!

Ivan is still in diapers however trying every once in a while to use the toilet.  He does a great job when he does, but its not on a consistent basis. 

I have Ivan trained to put his dishes in the sink when done with them, his trash in the trash can when done and he can feed the dogs.  I have given him some allowance money for helping me around the house, so he has some money in his Robot bank I made him!  Maybe he will buy me a Porsche, like my brother always told my mom he would do! hahah, yeah right!

Boys are a different animal!  I LOVE MY BOY!!

***Check back for an updated photo of prince***