Sunday, March 10, 2013


Our weekends are pretty relaxing for the most part. We try not to do too much since the kids are in school/daycare for many hours each day and I work so much. So Saturdays have consisted of swim lessons, grocery shopping, cooking, movies and playing. Sundays are church, playing, reading and maybe a movie.
Saturday I let the kids make/decorate cookies. Ivan I think just really likes the icing, he is the type to decorate one, eat one. Elle I don't believe has eaten ONE, she just loves to decorate them. I finally used the cookie press my mom bought me. As kids, she always used hers, and her cookies were so pretty. If you do not have a cookie press, I suggest you buy one! I am going to be using mine more often when baking!

I caught Ivan green handed...

Through my gym, I am in a paleo challenge. So far, so good. I was worried about my sweet tooth, but with paleo desserts, I am happy! I really have not craved sugar as I thought I would. I have had fun finding new recipes and buying different ingredients at the grocery store. Its an adventure and the kids like to help! Saturday night, I made coconut chicken and Ivan could not stop eating it. He is such a picky eater, so this made for ONE HAPPY MOM!
I am very excited...I got lots of yard work completed this weekend. The backyard was a weed jungle. The front yard got mowed, leaf blown and looks fabulous again. I love the way my house looks when the yard it nice and tidy!
One other thing excited me today, I finally got more space in my garage! I had my old HUGE TV in there trying to figure out a way to get rid of it. I had a garage sale weeks ago, put it out front with a FREE sign on it, no takers. Finally this past week I got smart, put an ad on Craigslist and it left its home after many many years. It was actually my dad and stepmoms TV back in the day, it was about 13-14 years old.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Back at it!

I truly can not believe its been almost a year since I have POSTED ANYTHING!!! I kinda fell off the face of the earth. I have been extra busy with work, kids, working out and taking care of all of lifes tasks. I really have missed writing and updating my blog. It is a great outlet. A lot happened last year and I can't wait for the things to come this year. I believe I grew alot last year and going in the right direction. I started a dream job in July and love going to work everyday for the long hours I put in. I workout at a different gym, love everyone in the tribe! Kids are growing and they are learning so much and they continue to amaze me every minute of every day. I will be signing another years lease on my house, which I love! Its the perfect size for the three of two dogs and the outside cat. Tonight I was looking for night stands on craigslist and came across some black shabby retro ones that I love! I have become OBSESSED with antique malls/markets. You can find the coolest stuff and the best prices! Anyways, on the ad for the night stands was this womans blog. I went to it and started reading/looking/aweing and found thisacross this song. It gave me chills, so I thought I would share it! Enjoy!