Saturday, November 29, 2008

Elle's in a bed, not a crib!

It was the 25th and Elle kept getting her knee stuck in between her crib slats. She cried bloody murder, I would go in, push her knee back in and lay her down. It kept happening. This really had been going on for months, just not as many times in one night. So I took her out and we laid on the spare rooms bed. I wanted her to calm down and then back in her crib she went. Well, not even 15 minutes later, the cry occured again. I went into her room, again her little knee popped through the slats. So, I decided to pull her mattress out and lay it on the floor. She did so well the first night, I was excited. So, Wednesdays nap time arrives, she did not nap. She was in her room pulling her clothes out of her dresser,closet and all her toys! So no naps had happened until today at 4:30pm. We had gotten home from cleaning up the new house and she was exhausted. It was dinner time, so I woke her with the camera's flash. Here are some pics of her sleeping/waking up! Enjoy.
I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! We did, it was very nice. Although, I do wish we could have had more family together, but oh well. Patrick, Elle and I went over to my grandparents house. We had 10 people there, my brother, Judy and Gill, George, Jeff and the grandparents. My dad and Lee were down in Mexico celebrating with Lee's family. My mom and sister got up early in Ohio for the turkey trot walk and then had friends over to eat. Patrick's parents went to Kathy's house and hopefully someday we can all get together. That is what I dream for!

Monday, November 24, 2008

So this past Saturday was our big rival game against Michigan!!! We got up early, dressed into our Buckeye gear and off we went to my dads house. My dad and stepmom were at the game, freezing their hinds off in Ohio. The weather there was 34 degrees, we do not miss that weather one bit. However, to me that is PERFECT football day weather! Our buckeyes ended up beating them pretty bad, we have won against the Wolverines now 5 times in a row! This has never happened, so we beat a record, way to go! Here are some pics of our little cheerleader!! Enjoy!
My grandma Nancy's birthday was last week and when I called to wish her a happy birthday she shared a wonderful story with me. We were talking about grandpa and how we missed him. She told me that last spring he came over to her house and commented on her hibiscus bush and how it should be blooming soon. The bush only bloomed hot pink blooms and after his death, she had been asking for a sign from God that he was okay. She got up one morning and this is what she found!

A white bloom with a red cross in the middle, it was her sign that he was okay! It was the only non-hot pink bloom. I knew he was okay, for he has been in so many of my dreams. We miss you grandpa!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

We had a fabulous time in Denver last week! We stayed with Patricks grandparents in Arvada. We really enjoyed getting to know each other better, because the only time we see them is when they come here in the winter months. We love you Lois and Jake!

We went to the Denver Zoo, which was really nice. There were so many animals out and it was a beautiful day. We had dinner with Tricia and her mom, Marcia(who was in town for a conference) at a great seafood restaurant in Highland Park! It was great seeing Marcia, I hadn't seen her since March of this year.

We went up to Vail where the elevation is over 8,000 feet. We ate lunch at this great German restaurant where we sat outside and watched the little kids trick or treat from boutique to boutique. We even took Mafu, our grandparents dog.

After returning from Vail, it was time for trick or treat in Arvada! Elle's first time out. She did so great, after the second house, she really got the hang of it. She would walk right up to the door and stand, waiting for someone to give her free candy. We got to meet all the wonderful neighbors and they are all very friendly. Much more than here in Arizona. It was a great change, we may go back every year for trick or treat. There is not much of that here in AZ, you have to go the the mall or grocery store parking lot to a sponsored event. Not fun!(

Elle started to get really sick Saturday and into Sunday, so we stayed around the house. Patrick and I cleaned up their yard, we love to rake leaves, so we had a blast! Tricia and I shopped Sunday and it was great to get to do that with her. We love shopping together, especially at Target! We used to go there almost everyday when we both lived in Columbus. She is such a great friend and always will be!

We can't wait to go back, there is SO MUCH to do there!
Check out our photos from our trip! Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


A first in American history! What an exciting day, for the american people! This is just the beginning of change!