Saturday, November 29, 2008

Elle's in a bed, not a crib!

It was the 25th and Elle kept getting her knee stuck in between her crib slats. She cried bloody murder, I would go in, push her knee back in and lay her down. It kept happening. This really had been going on for months, just not as many times in one night. So I took her out and we laid on the spare rooms bed. I wanted her to calm down and then back in her crib she went. Well, not even 15 minutes later, the cry occured again. I went into her room, again her little knee popped through the slats. So, I decided to pull her mattress out and lay it on the floor. She did so well the first night, I was excited. So, Wednesdays nap time arrives, she did not nap. She was in her room pulling her clothes out of her dresser,closet and all her toys! So no naps had happened until today at 4:30pm. We had gotten home from cleaning up the new house and she was exhausted. It was dinner time, so I woke her with the camera's flash. Here are some pics of her sleeping/waking up! Enjoy.

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ktindall said...

Congratulations on Elle sleeping in a big girl bed. Now you can get the new nursery all ready using Elle’s stuff. I love your thanksgiving pics of the guys lying around. Don’t all men do that?!
I can’t believe that you and I are 10 days apart from each other with the pregnancy. How weird