Friday, May 29, 2009

So I've been meaning to post about my sisters visit for a while now. She left this past Tuesday and I have been busy and lazy since.
She got here Thursday the 21st and that night we ventured to the new Walmart in town. Friday morning we went to the zoo and had a great time. The weather could not have been more perfect. It was a little overcast and in the 80's. AWESOME! Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so no pics from the zoo. We took Elle to Toy 'R' Us to pick out a toy and it was really hard for her to do. I believe she was overwhelmed with all the toys. This is the second time we tried letting her pick one out. She eventually picked out some figurines for her doll house. Then it was off to dinner with Eric.
Saturday morning Old Navy had their flip flops on sale for $1. So I wanted to get a couple pairs to bum around in. We got to Old Navy at 10:45 and the parking lot was full! I had Robyn go in and see how long the lines were before dragging two kids out of the car and then back in. She came back to the car and told me there was a line to get to the flip flops and then a long line to the cash registers. Not worth it! They are only $2.50 I think to begin with. We ran acouple errands and then went out to our grandparents house to spend the afternoon. We had a nice relaxing time with them and Elle wanted to walk their dog Viking. She loved it! Coming back home, we met our dad and Lee for dinner at Teakwoods. They were coming back from Tucson and so it was a good breaking point for their venture home. When we are all together it is a laughing fest. With Elle's funny things she does to the conversations we have, the fun never ends.
Sunday we hung out at our dads and swam, it was so pretty out and the water was just right. Elle loves to swim, especially in the hot tub. She thinks its her own pool, its not heated right now so its the perfect fit for her.
Monday was Memorial Day and we all went back over to my dads for a BBQ, even the grandparents joined us. Overall, the weekend was busy running around, relaxing and fun. Enjoy the photos I took!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Our little Ivan is ONE MONTH today! Happy one month birthday Ivan. This morning, I took acouple photos. Ivan this past month has really grown, his weight and height I have noticed a difference. He is not going to be like Elle and a little petite thing. He is going to be a good sized boy!! An ATHLETE!!

Oh, I can't wait for him to get older, how crazy is that. With Elle, I did not want her to grow, and with him, I can't wait. Oh, well. I just know all the fun we are going to have! Ivan is very strong, he loves playing on the floor on his tummy. He has really always picked his head up and moved it around. He is also a mover, he scoots on his tummy and his back. He might be an early crawler and walker.

Ivan is such a joy and I love having two kids! Elle is doing really well with him. When he cries, she comes to tell me. She calls him "baby" however she does know his name. She has said it a couple times, I am trying to get her to say it more.
Anyways, here are the photos from this morning, enjoy!

Friday, May 15, 2009

We got sod!! So Patrick had really tried to get bermuda grass seeds to grow in the backyard. Well, it just wasn't going to happen, the backyard does not get that much sun. So he finally called to have sod laid! I cannot wait till we can start playing on the grass, it will be so nice! Here is a photo to show off the sod, enjoy!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I have to share the photos of my little munchin man~ Ivan!! My friend Paula is a wonderful photographer and she came over to take his newborn photos. Ivan was only 8 days old in these, enjoy!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day

The kids and I relaxed with my dad, Lee, and brother at my grandparents house. We ordered lunch in and enjoyed eachothers company. Ivan slept most of the day, Elle read, played with Viking(granparents dog) and took a nap. As we were leaving, Elle wanted to show grandpa how fast she could run in her new shoes. So they raced, Elle won!

My grandparents have a ceramic donkey in their backyard that Elle just loves. She ran to it, petted the "horsie" and then sat on it. She puts her feet up like she is really riding it, its pretty cute. So, once on the donkey, she sees my brother with her pink poodle. She runs back to us, gets her poodle, runs back to the donkey. Pets the donkey, then sits on it again(Like it is alive!). She then brings the poodle to us, and starts to run back for a third visit. Well, on the way to the donkey is the a/c unit. It starts to hum, she freaks out, turns around to run toward us, crying hysterically, falls, skins her little knees and is yelling for the "horsie." I run to her, pick her up and take her to the horsie. She did not even know she skinned her knees, she was so hysterical. Get to the donkey and she pets it again for the last time. Too cute.

Well, here are our photos from our photo shoot. Had to do some family photos, enjoy!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oh, where do I begin? I have not updated my blog in so long. My mom left yesterday(Mothers Day)and she was here for eight days! It was so nice having her here, my house stayed organized. I was falling behind on laundry, so she caught me up there; the blinds throughout my house are now clean. Plus, I got to rest more! We shopped, went to my doctors appt., went to lunch with my brother and played with the kids. My mom even took Art, Woody and Elle for walks every morning. I am starting to do this now too. I have not done this for a while, and its so nice to get outside in the morning.

Ivan has really been changing alot since birth, he stays awake longer and is very alert. He smiles all the time, its priceless! Elle has done very well adjusting to him, however she has thrown many objects at him. Not good. She does rub his back, hair, feet, and kisses him from afar. She calls him "baby." He found his thumb and I can't have him sucking his thumb. Unfortunately that is one thing you can't take away, so I gave him a pacifier. He took to it for a while, then let it drop out, not replacing it with anything. We will see if he really takes to a pacifier or not. Just as long as its not his fingers!
My mom painted Elle's nails for the first time and it was so cute. I was napping, when they were finished, Elle comes walking into my room with her feet high to show me. She was so proud of her pretty nails. She even showed me how she dried her fingernails, if only I had video of that, it was so funny.
The day before my mom left we went to the Science Center. It was great fun! There were so many exhibits that Elle could be invovled in, she really enjoyed it. She was wearing her new running shoes and there was definitely space to run there. She was all over the place, but never ventured too far. Anyways, here are the pictures from my moms visit, enjoy!