Monday, May 18, 2009

Our little Ivan is ONE MONTH today! Happy one month birthday Ivan. This morning, I took acouple photos. Ivan this past month has really grown, his weight and height I have noticed a difference. He is not going to be like Elle and a little petite thing. He is going to be a good sized boy!! An ATHLETE!!

Oh, I can't wait for him to get older, how crazy is that. With Elle, I did not want her to grow, and with him, I can't wait. Oh, well. I just know all the fun we are going to have! Ivan is very strong, he loves playing on the floor on his tummy. He has really always picked his head up and moved it around. He is also a mover, he scoots on his tummy and his back. He might be an early crawler and walker.

Ivan is such a joy and I love having two kids! Elle is doing really well with him. When he cries, she comes to tell me. She calls him "baby" however she does know his name. She has said it a couple times, I am trying to get her to say it more.
Anyways, here are the photos from this morning, enjoy!


4Castellanos6 said...

OK,so I think its time for me to come over and see the little guy!

Oh, and your music is KICKIN!!

Nancy said...

Wow! He's changing already.... he is a handsome little man :)