Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Can you believe it is already September?!! AAGH! (Patrick is over my shoulder telling me what to write. He wants me to write- F*&^ instead of AAGH! lol) That means holidays are getting close! Patrick wanted to get a new pair of high-top "Chuck Taylors." I bought his last pair at AZ Mills, so we headed there. I remembered my friend Tera telling me about Rainforest Cafe, so we had dinner there. Elle loved it, but was a little scared at the fake gorillas and elephants that move and make sounds. It really is a cool place, we sat under the stars(fake!) It had 5-6 huge salt water tanks filled with beautiful fish, Elle loved them.

After dinner, it was time to shop for Patricks shoes. So we went into every shoe store there, which is around 10 stores or so. Along the way, Elle found a little carousel with Clifford on it. She wanted to ride it, so she got too.

Well at dinner, we told her she could ride the big carousel with the pretty horses on it. She was so excited, so as we were walking the mall, she kept yelling "horsies!" She did not want to go into one more shoe store. We had to keep telling her that we were on our way to them. We finally made it to the carousel and we let her chose which one of us she wanted to ride with her. She picked "Papa."

The best part of the night was when she saw the trampolines. She ran over to them and stared at the kids jumping and giggling. I asked her if she wanted to do this and she said "yes." So we let about three kids go in front of her, just to see if she really wanted to give it a try. After they were all done, she still wanted to do it. Okay so $5 for 3 minutes of jumping, here she goes!

This is as far as she got! Patrick and I noticed tonight that when she gets nervous, she puts her fingers in her nose. She was very brave, she hopped right up onto the trampoline, let the girl harness her. Then that was it, the girl told her where to put her hands and she got scared. She wanted "Mommy!" She told me she wanted to go home, so we got her down. We congratulated her for trying and told her maybe next time. She was still proud of herself! The girl gave us our $5 back too. A great time tonight, lets make it a fun-filled September!!