Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oh, where do I begin? I have not updated my blog in so long. My mom left yesterday(Mothers Day)and she was here for eight days! It was so nice having her here, my house stayed organized. I was falling behind on laundry, so she caught me up there; the blinds throughout my house are now clean. Plus, I got to rest more! We shopped, went to my doctors appt., went to lunch with my brother and played with the kids. My mom even took Art, Woody and Elle for walks every morning. I am starting to do this now too. I have not done this for a while, and its so nice to get outside in the morning.

Ivan has really been changing alot since birth, he stays awake longer and is very alert. He smiles all the time, its priceless! Elle has done very well adjusting to him, however she has thrown many objects at him. Not good. She does rub his back, hair, feet, and kisses him from afar. She calls him "baby." He found his thumb and I can't have him sucking his thumb. Unfortunately that is one thing you can't take away, so I gave him a pacifier. He took to it for a while, then let it drop out, not replacing it with anything. We will see if he really takes to a pacifier or not. Just as long as its not his fingers!
My mom painted Elle's nails for the first time and it was so cute. I was napping, when they were finished, Elle comes walking into my room with her feet high to show me. She was so proud of her pretty nails. She even showed me how she dried her fingernails, if only I had video of that, it was so funny.
The day before my mom left we went to the Science Center. It was great fun! There were so many exhibits that Elle could be invovled in, she really enjoyed it. She was wearing her new running shoes and there was definitely space to run there. She was all over the place, but never ventured too far. Anyways, here are the pictures from my moms visit, enjoy!


Steve & Nancy said...

I'm sure you are sad your mom is gone, but so glad you got some help. Oh..I saw the photo of Elle and her 30-min tantrum...really?? What was it about? Sorry to hear she is throwing things at the baby. Ashley did that in the beginning too and I wasn't sure if she was just trying to play with the baby or she was being not nice?? Hard to know since she was only 17-18 months. Looks like the science center was fun! I will have to take the girls there. Ivan looks adorable when he has his eyes open. Saw he likes the thumb...that's cute! Good luck with the pacifier!

ktindall said...

I love the new photos! Elle is so big now. Ivan has grown so much in the last couple of weeks. I have a feeling that he must have sucked his thumb when he was in your tummy. That is too weird that he found his thumb that fast.

4Castellanos6 said...

Where is your Mom visiting from? It looks like you guys had a great time. And I have to say...I LOVE thumb suckers [coming from a thumb sucker] and Ivan is just so cute with that thumb in his mouth. Damaris kinda puts her whole hand it doesn't quite count:) Maybe Elle is just loving on him. Selah can be a little persistent with Damaris too...but she just thinks she is being helpful