Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day

The kids and I relaxed with my dad, Lee, and brother at my grandparents house. We ordered lunch in and enjoyed eachothers company. Ivan slept most of the day, Elle read, played with Viking(granparents dog) and took a nap. As we were leaving, Elle wanted to show grandpa how fast she could run in her new shoes. So they raced, Elle won!

My grandparents have a ceramic donkey in their backyard that Elle just loves. She ran to it, petted the "horsie" and then sat on it. She puts her feet up like she is really riding it, its pretty cute. So, once on the donkey, she sees my brother with her pink poodle. She runs back to us, gets her poodle, runs back to the donkey. Pets the donkey, then sits on it again(Like it is alive!). She then brings the poodle to us, and starts to run back for a third visit. Well, on the way to the donkey is the a/c unit. It starts to hum, she freaks out, turns around to run toward us, crying hysterically, falls, skins her little knees and is yelling for the "horsie." I run to her, pick her up and take her to the horsie. She did not even know she skinned her knees, she was so hysterical. Get to the donkey and she pets it again for the last time. Too cute.

Well, here are our photos from our photo shoot. Had to do some family photos, enjoy!

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4Castellanos6 said...

I love pictures of children with their grandparents. Every time my grandmother is in town, I make sure to capture pictures of her with the girls. so sweet!