Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We survived the Ohio weather and had a great time! Elle saw and played in snow for the very first time, she really did not like the wet feeling. However, we did get to sled before it melted away. We took walks in the cold and enjoyed playing outside, not in the snow.

We saw our family and spent quality time with everyone. Our friend Trish is moving from Columbus to Denver, so we will miss her the next time we head to Columbus. Denver is not that long of a flight!!

Elle went through her first tunnel at the play area at Polaris Mall, we had to bribe her with Leap on the other side. She is cruzin' around things which is scary, we do not want her to walk yet. We want her to stay as little as possible. She even now drinks from a sippy cup! We believe she had a growth spurt too, while in Ohio. She seems taller and thinner. Its crazy to us that she is going to be ONE YEAR OLD in a month and a week, YIKES! Its really quite sad, but we have definitely enjoyed every moment.

We all get to be together during the day now, Patricks schedule has changed at work. Pool here we come, you better be ready for the splashing. We are excited to go to Hawaii in two months to celebrate Ali and Brandons wedding. We better hit the gym hard till then.

Anyways, enjoy the pictures and we love you all! Happy Easter:)

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Steve & Nancy said...

I love the blue background.... it's so nice to have you back! Oh...your new family photo is precious too :)

Love ya!