Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We are now down to just one birthday party left for April and we all know whose that is, ELLE!!! She will be ONE here shortly. The little angel is cutting another tooth, possibly more and is in such pain. She is cranky most of the day, does not want to sleep or really eat. On top of her fussing she is still very happy. She pulls through the pain to smile, laugh and dance. Dancing is her new thing right now, Patrick and I were in the car yesterday with her. We were listening to music and in the rear view mirror saw her bobbing her head up and down then side to side. She was smiling to her dance moves. We got home, put music on and she started doing her moves again!

We started at Chloe's birthday and it was a great party! Here are the pictures from hers. Enjoy!

Anne and Chloe

Happy Birthday Chloe

The Clan(Zach, Elle, Chloe, Lucas, Zoey)

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Steve & Nancy said...

My poor girl does not look so good on these pics! She was so exhausted by the time the party was over! I will have to show you some of the 250 pics Paula took!!!!