Wednesday, May 14, 2008

“ My Grandpa ”
There came the day you went away
But only from sight and sound
I felt my heart break as your soul departed
From that cold, empty ground
You meant more to me than words could say
You filled me with so much love
Each and every time I look to the stars,
I know that you're above
I can feel you watching over me
I hear your soothing voice
God left us here for some unknown plan
Its not for us to ask why
I know you want me to remember you,
And recall every time you smiled
Your smile lighted so many rooms
And even many more hearts
I thank God each and every day
That you were an important part
You gave me something that no-one-else would
The love of you “My Grandpa” because no-one-else could.
Author~Shirley Ann Parkerson

Grandpa Wilt and I after I graduated high school

Grandpa Wilt and Grandma Nancy

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Steve & Nancy said...

what a pretty poem you posted on here....I love the pic of you and him...very sweet :) I am so sorry you are going through this...must be awful! I keep praying.