Monday, May 12, 2008

Hiddy-Ho from TeamEspy Land! Elle has changed quite a bit in the last weeks. She now is pushing a walker and loving it! She gets annoyed when she runs into the walls and can't walk any further. Once she is turned around, she is so happy.

Her Aunt Kathy bought her a pair of sunglasses. She used to keep these on, but not anymore. I believe she would wear them if she could figure out how to put them on. She has been trying!

We went to a baby shower recently. Elle had fun, she was pretty antisocial but enjoyed herself. That night we came home and cleaned out her closet. We put all her clothes in piles and pulled items out for a garage sale coming up. I found an old halloween hat and put it on her. Usually she would pull it right off, but not this time. So enjoy the pics!

Swimming season has officially started! We went night swimming with the Pfeifers' at their pool. It was much warmer than ours, so it was nice. The air was the coldest part, since there was very little humidity. Elle played with Hannah on the pool deck for a while, standing up and eating.

Elle eventually went in without a fuss to swim with dad, Ashley and Steve. She had a wonderful time eventhough she was a little tuckered-out. Enjoy the pics.

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Steve & Nancy said...

Cute pics! Elle is so adorable! Can't wait to spend more time with you and your family! You are all so special to us :)