Saturday, May 17, 2008

After waking up yesterday, I took pictures of baby Robin birds on my moms back porch laying in the nest of a flower pot. We get to Botkins and my uncles one Mare had a baby the night before. The colt was left at the vet, since he is not able to watch her closely. However, my sister, cousin and I stopped at the barn and checked out the other Mare and her baby. I took some great pictures of them as well!

Returned to my moms house, my sister, Elle and I went for a walk. As we got onto the golf course, we spotted five deer. Of course I took pictures, they are so beautiful. We all walked down to a creek and Elle and I hopped onto a rock in the middle and sat. Elle loved it, the sound of the water is so peaceful, we all needed it.

Walking back to the house, I joked with my sister about how today I took a bunch of pictures of wildlife. LIFE, the animals jusr reminded me that reproduction is what we live for. So going through my grandfathers situation, LIFE and everything about it, is what is pulling me through.

These pictures are so beautiful.

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Steve & Nancy said...

can't wait to see the pics...they sound beautiful! I LOVE your new background.... so cute! You are getting really good at this :) You must of had a great teacher...hahaha!
I miss you :(