Monday, November 2, 2009

Ivan is SIX months!

Can you believe he is already six months? I can't, seems like yesterday he came out into the world. He is full of joy!

He is sitting up completely on his own for very long periods of time. Today I caught him up on his hands, one knee and one foot. Crawling?? I really hope he crawls and doesn't jump to walking. I love to watch babies crawl all over the place.

Anyways, Ivan is a very content little guy. He lets anyone hold him and giggles when you talk to him. I swear he says "hi" when I go into his room in the mornings. I always say "hi, good morning Ivan!"

He loves to watch Elles every move. Sometimes she is not very nice to him, but he doesn't seem to care. She makes up, she tickles him, rubs his hair and occasionally kisses him. They are so so so cute together! Elle really is though good at playing with him, when he is in his excersaucer.

My friend Paula has been taking Ivan's pictures since birth and she had the best location this time. I hope you enjoy the photos just as much as I do, enjoy!


Mommy said...

Oh what a handsome little guy!!! Those photos are to die for!! How do you pick which one to display in your house?...seriously...they are AWESOME!! I love Paula's style...She is GREAT!!!!

ktindall said...

Noelle I love all of the pictures of Ivan!

Mr Cruzzo said...

GAwd.. he is so cute........... The little boy is so cute... ^^

Mawar Puteh said...

I like this cute baby boy