Saturday, July 5, 2008

The 28th was also my great-grandpas 80th birthday, so we took him out to dinner at the Olive Garden. It was so much fun, great-grandma, grandpa, nanaLee, uncle E, dad, mom and me just laughing and telling stories. We even got him a Oreo birthday cake, it was really good, and I think he liked it too!
After dinner, we got to spend the night at their house. I had not been there is a while, so it was fun. It was my first time walking around the house, there was lots to explore. Plus there was plenty of room to run around. Viking(their dog) and I played ball, he is so good at catching the ball.
I am mad at mom, we did not take any pictures of the family for great-grandpa's 80th birthday. We will have to visit with them soon, so we can take some pictures. 80 is a great age and NanaLee told him, its the new 50! Happy birthday great grandpa!

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