Saturday, July 5, 2008

So, July is here!! Elle celebrated her 2nd 4th of July, although this year she saw fireworks. We put her to bed about 7pm, then woke her up at 9:20pm to head out. We found a great spot, parked the car and watched from the car. We got out and rested on the trunk. She was very scared at first, the BANGS were echoing. She got used to the noise and was awed by the bright colorful lights. At the end she even started pointing at them and talking.

During the day, we took an excursion with Nancy, Hannah and Ashley. We had a great day, were heading back home when Nancy realized she had no way to get into her house. We had already been out of town for oh, four or so hours. Her girls had not slept, Elle was sleeping, thank god. So, we get close to home, she calls her husband, we turn around and go meet him. Poor little Hannah was so tired, but when we turned around and had to wait for Nancy's husband she got in such a great mood. Its amazing how our children can be so fussy one minute, then the next be as happy as ever! God love them!

Overall, it was the best 4th of July's I have had in a very long time. Thanks Patrick for taking us to watch the fireworks! I love my family.

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Steve & Nancy said...

oh wow! you made it to see fireworks! fun! maybe we can join you next year :)