Monday, July 7, 2008

Patrick and I went to Las Vegas Saturday night for a concert with our friends Bob and Jody. We got to Kingman and stopped in Ross. We were in search of a black leather vest, sweat bands and tube socks. Well, we found none of those items.
Next, we arrive in Vegas at noon, stop at a Savers(thrift store) still in search of those items. Jody and I found two black leather vests. We hunt down Patrick and he tries them on, here is the best photo of him in it.What Patrick did not realize when wearing the vest was that is was a womans vest, it had seams down the front to accent a womens curves. He really loved it and was ready to buy the vest. Jody commented how she really liked how the seams looked and we all died laughing. He immediately told us he was not getting it and took it off very fast.
We exit Savers with no purchases, just empty stomachs that were calling us to feed them. Bob had suggested this Italian Deli and we were off. The food was delicious, I had eggplant stromboli and Patrick, meat lovers pie.
After checking in to our hotel, we get to Sunset Station to see Great White and Warrant perform. It was an outside venue and we were all excited. Great White opened up and they were awesome, I only knew maybe one song.
I think I would like to be a lead guitarist in my next life or a lead singer! Here are there pics.
So the next act was Warrant, wow what a bummer they were. The lead singer Janie Lane was so messed up he could not even sing. He would leave the stage and come back and he would get "booed." I really felt bad for the rest of the band. There were people leaving and others just shaking their heads. A huge disappointment from Warrant. Oh, well, I had a great time anyways! Here are a couple pictures of us at the concert.

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Steve & Nancy said...

hahahhahahah.....that pic of Patrick is hilarious!!!! It looks like you had fun...your new clothes are cute too :)