Saturday, July 5, 2008

On the 28th, moms friend Dawn and her daughter came to visit! Anna had never met me, but she and Dawn made us great gifts before I was even born. They made me a necklace with my full name in beads, mom a necklace and also napkin rings. I had a great time playing with Anna, she is so sweet. We went to lunch at Teakwoods and Anna ate peanuts and threw them on the floor. They make a weird sound when you step on them. Mom was happy to see Dawn, they used to work together at the country club. So they caught up on all the latest news. I hope they come back again!

Check out my necklace!!

Thanks Anna

Mom and I went to the grocery this morning and we went through the toy department. I had to put my old doll to rest, dad had washed her in the washing machine. She was not able to talk anymore:( Mom introduced me to a couple dolls before I caught my eye on this one doll. A newborn cabbage patch, with blue eye and brown curly hair!!
Mom was excited too, she told me the story of her very first one. She said that glamma and aunt Debbie fought for Cabbage Patch kids when they first came out. Holy Cow! I am one lucky girl to have found this one, I cherish her. I feed her and make sure she gets plenty of rest. We play with my doll house to and I push her around in the hippo cart! She is fun, but poodle is still #1! Love ya POODLE.

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