Friday, July 4, 2008

Wow what a fun June we have had! I can't believe I have slacked on updating our blog.
We have been trying to head to the pool everyday, but some days we just don't make it. Elle is getting better at swimming and enjoying the water more. Patrick and I are still frightened about her drowning. All it takes is a split second and her little face is in the water.
We even filled up her little baby pool one day so she could swim in the back yard. That was fun, well, until the flies got out of control. The dogs were playing in the planters and coming up to Elle in the water, wondering what she was doing. Tito even decided he would join her and cool off. Jerome and Woody are the sun bathers, they did not to be in the shade.
Elle has also really gotten into dressing up lately. Pretty much every day she would put on her little sea shell necklaces from Hawaii. Then I thought, well she must be getting bored with those, so I pulled something even better out! She's such a GIRL and I LOVE IT!!
Enjoy the pictures!

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