Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Patrick turned one year older yesterday(the 22nd)!!! Sunday I had a surprise dinner party at one of our favorite restaurants, Z Tejas. He had no clue and it was great! My friend Yaneth almost ruined it though, I covered that up, phew! Patrick just thought we were going to dinner with our friend Bob and Jodi. We had a great turnout; George, Dad, Lee, grandpa, grandma, Jeremy, Andrea, Steve, Nancy, then Elle and I!! Oh, yeah plus Bob and Jodi.

I had asked Patrick what he wanted for his birthday and he told me a LIVE pig. He wanted me to butcher the pig so we would have meat for an entire year. Yeah right, that is disgusting. I would never butcher anything, never! So I did what any wife would do, substitute!!

We went out with Bob and Jodi the night before to a Diamondbacks game. Okay, okay, so we did not make it to the game itself. We got there at the 7th inning stretch. We went into Sliders across from the stadium and watched the rest of the game and drank. We had some much needed alone time!! We met up with our friends after the game was over and went out to a different bar and had a great time.

Here are the pictures from both events!!

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Steve & Nancy said...

Elle looks sooooooo cute! not that she didn't before, but I just love earrings! I am glad you got it done before our getting exciting!!!! We'll be there before we know it! :) Love ya girls!