Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Patricks another year older!

I can't believe we both have big birthdays this year:) Its exciting and fun! Patrick turned 40 and I got him a gag gift, a blowup walker. Its pretty funny, Elle enjoyed playing with it. Patrick had his annual review at work this morning and got a raise!! That was a great bday gift from work. He then went to workout, came home opened his presents from us. The kids and I just got him some clothes, cds and a movie. I invited over my brother, dad, Lee, Bob and Jodi for dinner. Patrick wanted Skyline Chili, originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. You put it over spaghetti or hot dogs, its really good! Dad and Lee order it online, so they had plenty and brought it over. Here are some photos from the day, enjoy!

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ktindall said...

Those are so very cute family photos. I love that blow up thing for Patrick