Monday, July 20, 2009

Ivan turned 3 months today! Wow, what a difference three short months can be. Ivan is my little chunky monkey right now. At his two month visit he weighed a whopping 12.8lbs. He wears 6 mth clothes, which are a little big still, but I am sure not for long! He is such a little talker, baby talk that is. He loves to follow Elle with his eyes and just lights up around her. I think they are going to be great together! She really takes care of him, always concerned when he is crying. She loves to tickle him too. Its really sweet seeing them interact. Here are photos of Ivan at three months. The ones I took, I had my friend Paula Stiller do his three month photos on Sunday. I can't wait to see those, she is so talented. Well, enjoy!

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ktindall said...

He is going to be TALL! He has gotten so big it's amazing. What a difference 3 months make.