Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I hope you had a great Valentine's Day!  I did.  Elle and Ivan had a Valentine's Day party at school, so a couple nights before I had them do their Valentines cards for their classmates.  Ivan wanted to wait and have Patrick help him, so okay!  Elle wanted me to help her.  I started her first one, I gave her the list of names and asked her to pick a name to start with.  She did not want to write the names, "I don't know how."  So, I told her to write the first letter of the name she picked, I wrote in the rest.  I then showed her how to fold the card, put the tattoo's inside and seal them with heart stickers.  She was excited and ready to tackle the next name writing it out on her own! YIPEE!  I love when she gets excited. 

We were talking about the boys in her class and which card she thought would be best out of the Barbie valentines she was giving.  She picks a boys name and the card and says why she was giving him that particular one.  She says to me, "mom, Caleb just gets me!"  I had to ask her to repeat herself, I did not know if I heard her right!  Are you kidding me?!  She says, "Caleb just gets me mom." I then ask her what exactly that means.  She then tells me, "he just hugs me and stuff!" I could not hold back the laughter, how does a FOUR year old know to say things like this?  It blows me away, who has said this in front of her?  So stinking cute.  Enjoy the photos from Valentine card making!

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