Saturday, August 1, 2009

We love to walk up to the entrance of our neighborhood. At the entrance there is a pond with a lot of ducks, turtles and fish, a playground and lots of grass to run in. Elle loves it there, Patrick and her like to hike onto the golf course too. So Patrick and Elle went before Ivan and I, so they could hike for a while. When Ivan and arrived, they were not done. Ivan and I just laid in the grass and watched the ducks and turtles come around us. When they were finally done hiking, Elle ran straight for the playground. She is still trying to get brave enough to go down the slide herself, she is not quite there yet. I did get some photos of us playing, enjoy!


ktindall said...

I was thinking while looking through these pictures “why are they out in the dark playing?” But then I remembered it’s so damn hot there that, that’s when you can play out side. Elle is getting so big. What a big step for her to accomplish going down the slide all by herself.

Mommy said...

Oh what a cute dress! I had no idea she doesn't slide by herself. She'll get there soon enough or you can let her hang out with my monkeys more and they'll teach her...haha!