Monday, June 1, 2009

Elle loves waking up and playing outside. She usually eats her breakfast and goes out to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. The dogs always follow her, or she follows them.
From seeing the movie 'UP' last week, Elle really enjoys her playhouse. We pretend we have balloons tied to the chimney and that we are flying. She tells me to get into her playhouse, which is tight and somewhat uncomfortable for me. I do it anyways though. She also cooks me whatever I want to eat, or she comes to tell me what she is cooking. She will then hand me my food. Usually when she cooks things she wants it's, hot dogs, cookies and chips. Here are the photos from the morning play, enjoy!


Nancy said...

Hotdogs, cookies, and chips...that's! Way cute! She is so good around the dogs.... I want one really bad some days. We'll see after we move...Ashley is warming up to many dogs lately.

The Derouin's said...

That so cute...way to use your imagination, Elle!!!! Don't you love it when they love to cook for you...just wished that it was really for real so you don't have to cook for them! And I love your guys grass - it's so inviting!!!