Saturday, December 20, 2008

So much to be thankful for!

Tonight, as Elle is running around in circles, from the living room to her play room, through the kitchen and back. Her giggles were priceless, especially after she turned on the Christmas music. The cd she put on was Josh Grobans Christmas and it is so powerful.

Elle is so full of energy, energy I wish I had right now. I am constantly exhausting myself and need to slow down. Anyways, Patrick and Elle wandered upstairs and the most fabulous song came on. I sat right next to the blaring music, closed my eyes and sobbed. Thinking about all the things in my life; good or bad, family and friends, pets, etc.

I ask you to click on Josh Groban's Thankful song at the bottom of our blog, close your eyes and think. Happy Holidays to all!

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