Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas time!

Christmas Eve, we ventured out into the shopping world. We got family photos done at JCPenney and it was crazy just getting into the parking lot. Little did we know, a Honey Baked Ham shop was just two stores down from JCPenney. Everyone was rushing in to stand in line for their Christmas fixings. We got some great photos of Elle! As a whole family, there were none that were really good, Elle was sticking her tongue out in them all. She is teething and so we took away her "binkie," she must have needed something else. Patrick got a great one with Elle though, I am jealous. I should have thought to tickle her or something, she was sticking her tongue out with me too. I will have to share those with you all when I get them in.

After JCPenney, we were starved, so we headed to Native New Yorker. Elle got her hot dog and Sprite, Patrick and I shared a sampler appetizer. It was perfect, we could not ruin our appetites for the Fondu that was coming! Elle fell asleep in the car heading home, so we needed to head to the grocery. WOW was it busy, thankfully we only needed a few things.

Dad and Lee came over and we made Fondu; Cheese and meat fondu. I got this idea from my friend Tera, her family does it and I thought it was great. It was fun and very delicious! Thanks Tera! Elle got to open three presents, one from us and two from Gpa and Nana Lee. She got a barbie w/car, clipo and a Care bear. She loves them all.

We started a tradition of putting out carrots for the reindeer and milk for santa! Elle loved it. Here are the photos from Xmas Eve. Enjoy!

Christmas day! Elle woke up around 9, we went down stairs, she wanted goldfish and chocolate for breakfast. I know, not a healthy breakfast, but for one day! She was not as excited to open presents compared to the night before. She loved everything she got, from clothes, movies, books, stuffed animals, a kitchen, tunnel, grocery cart, etc. She must have been extra good this year:) Anyways, she played and slept a lot this day. Before dinner, we rode our bikes into the old neighborhood for dog duty. It was pretty chilly, but good thing it did not rain on us. Well, here are the photos from our Christmas day, Enjoy!

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