Thursday, October 9, 2008

What a week so far! I found out I have a bladder infection on Monday, so that explains why I have been feeling pretty bad. Well, plus the pregnancy. The antibiotic I am on makes me feel more nauseus than I already am, kind of upsetting, but not for much longer.

I finally got to the gym on Wednesday!! Saw some friends and their kids, my have they grown. I had not been to the gym in over a month. Elle was so happy to be playing with them again, she missed them.

We have been taking bike rides a lot and this week we have gone twice. Both times have taken Elle to a park, she really enjoys watching the other kids. She right now rathers observing them than running around and climbing.

Today we went to Schnepf farms. It was a blast, we played with animals in the petting zoo, rode a carousel, Elle rode her first amusement ride(HoneyBee), ate chicken, chili and corn on the cob. Then it was off to the pumpkin patch! We already had a good pumpkin at home, so we did not buy one. However, we did find a small one in the parking lot! Jackpot! We took it home and its sitting next to the scarecrow on the front porch. Elle really enjoyed herself as well as Patrick and I.

Tomorrow we are off to another location, will post pics from that! Enjoy the slideshow from today!

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