Sunday, October 5, 2008

MOPS Convention was so inspirational for me as a mom and a believer in GOD. It made me realize things about being a mom and raising my child, that I had not thought of before. The stories of the speakers were memorable, they will stay with me for life. We chose four speakers to listen to and I listened to a man on "Speaking your man's language," he talked about how to understand the man in your life better. I really needed this!

I also listened to three women speakers, one on how to let your husband help out with the children, whether they do things the same way as I do or not. The other on self image, accepting me as I am, and giving all of me to my kids/husband. Making sure the house is always spotless is something kids are not going to remember. Play with your children, thats what forms memories to laugh about later in life! Then the last woman talked about technology in our society and how to be a better leader. Keep the one on one conversations going, try not to use email/text messaging.

Overall, I came back a better woman/wife/mother! I would love to go again next year, so I'm looking forward to it. Hope you enjoyed the photos of our group! There were five of us from our town in Arizona- Yaneth, Sofia, Nancy, Colleen and I. We were so lucky to get bumped up to a suite at the resort, we all stayed together and shared many things about us, shared spooky stories and laughed alot! We had a great time.

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