Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday night game

Elle had a game tonight and she was very excited to go. She really enjoys soccer now, even though she is scared to kick the ball in the game. She tells me "the ball will hurt my legs." I tell her that is what the shin guards are for. Anyways, she did get to kick the ball at the start of one of the quarters. I wish I had taken a photo of her face, she was so EXCITED! She was very proud of herself and I was happy to see it.

She had a great night for fans. She had 4 friends plus her brother there cheering her on. They were screaming pretty much in unison "GO ELLE!" the entire time she played. Super sweet of the kids. Here are some photos from tonight's game, enjoy!

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The Derouin's said...

so cute she loves the idea of soccer!