Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Ok, so not many people know about the FIRE I had in my house in March during spring break. I had just got home from picking a friends dog up that I was watching, but a pot of oil on the stove to heat up for the egg rolls she gave me. Well, I walked away for to long and FIRE! Thank god it was only me and three dogs in my house. I panicked, had my phone in my hand and ran out the garage(watching my friends dog run away down the street) screaming "HELP, SOMEONE HELP ME!" over and over.

Thankfully, there was a realtor showing the house across the street. He came running over asking if I had a fire extinguisher, I DID! In my time of panic, I forgot I had one. So by this time I was already on the phone with the dispatcher talking to her. She was asking me if I was outside across the street from my house as the realtor and I are entering to get the fire extinguisher. The dispatcher is yelling at me to stay outside, but the realtor got the fire out.

Now, still in panic the police arrive to shut the street down. She takes my statment and talk some more before the fire department arrives with the ladder truck and another truck. The firemen hop out and start doing their thing. Another police man comes up to me and tells me what I should expect to see when I go back into my house. Holes punched in the walls, water on the floor, and I don't remember what else. But not to worry, insurance will cover all this and my house will be back to itself again. I really did not care at this moment. I was so freaked out and thankful that I had no kids with me.

The fire chief came and talked to me and asked what I was cooking. I told him and he joked with me. He told me "You should leave the egg rolls to the people that know how to make them. Panda Express makes some good ones, I am gonna get you some for dinner." Sure enough he did, it was funny and very nice. I would have had nothing to eat for dinner otherwise.

So the firemen are done with my house, the fire chief and police workers walked me through my house and there was little damage at all. I was expecting these HUGE holes and there was nothing. They had removed my microwave and stove for me and put it in the garage. My house smelled AWFUL, but was livable.

Here are the photos from the FIRE.

So the day after the fire, the cleaning crew came in and CLEANED MY HOUSE TOP TO BOTTOM! My house had never been so clean! It was such a wonderful feeling. They cleaned the air ducts, the ceilings, walls, inside cabinets, closets, EVERYTHING! My house did not smell like smoke anymore and it was getting back to normal. The next month or so was hard. I had no Stove or microwave. I used my crock pot, griddle and my friend Nicole gave me a George Foreman to use. I was not missing my stove really at all or my microwave. Who needs those luxuries! Ha. I received my stove and microwave about the middle to last week in April. It was great having my stove/oven again. The microwave could not be installed yet, due to the old burnt cabinets still intact. They had to wait to put that up when the new cabinets were installed.

The second week in May my cabinets came in, then it was time for the rest to be done. New counter tops, paint and microwave could finally be installed. My house is back to normal and I love it. My kitchen looks so much better now. More modern! Not that I did not like my kitchen before, but what a huge difference a little adding/subtracting here and there changes everything. Enjoy the photos of the cleaning up and the finished kitchen!

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The Derouin's said...

oh my gosh, noelle! crazy! thank God, no one was hurt! but i would be doing the same thing too...screaming! at least you got whole new cabinets, stove & microwave! :)