Monday, August 31, 2009

Elle is so, so into her Disney movies. Some how, she can pull the exact movie out of a stack(only the binders are showing!)every time. Today she wanted to watch Tinkerbell, I then remembered I had these wings in the garage. I went to pull them out, I put them on and flew into the house past her! She loved it and immediately wanted me to take them off and she wanted to wear them. She is so cute!

Tonight we went to Walmart, and of course, I had to look in the clearance toy section! Guess what we found! Tinkerbell pet party playset. It has the smallest little pieces, but she only wanted Tinkerbell, ladybug and the caterpillar. She is sleeping with them tonight.

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Mommy said...

That is AMAZING that she knows her movies so well. Hannah is not into movies as much as Ashley. Love the wings....super cute!