Saturday, April 11, 2009

We had a great Saturday! Elle woke up early and decorated her easter eggs. She was so into it, I was really trying to get her to look up at the camera. She would not even acknowledge me, I was asking her every question under the sun. Nothing.

We then had two birthday parties to attend. Our friend Sophia turned 3 and Hannah turned 2! Elle and Hannah have been friends since they were 8mths! We had a lot of fun at both parties. Elle ate so much sugar, she would get happy then cranky. It was pretty funny.

We got home at night and she wanted so badly to watch one of her favorite movies, Monsters Inc.. "MIKE" is what she was saying at Hannah's party, she wanted to watch him then, but she had to wait. She stayed up through the entire movie, then off to bed at 9 so the easter bunny could come.
Here are the pictures to show you what a great day we had. Enjoy!

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