Sunday, April 19, 2009

Today has been one emotional day. I just kept thinking about how today was my last day with Elle alone. We hung out this morning and played around the house, took a nap, then ran a couple errands. Tonight we took here to the park to play and get some energy out. She has been very sweet today too!

Over the last two years with her, alot has changed. My life has been such a joy with her in it! She makes me laugh when I need it, she is always here to talk to and she is my little angel. Even though she is two, she is my best friend! haha. Watching her grow these past two years has been great, its amazing how much they learn within these years.

Tonight I was asking her questions, just to see if she would answer me. She did! She knows her name and her friends names. It was so cute, I wish I had gotten it on film. I don't know what is going through her little brain about what is happening tomorrow. However, I do feel as though she knows something big is going on. She is always with me, always. No matter who is home she is right by my side! I love it and hope it does not change.

Well, I will be having a baby at 12:30 or so tomorrow. I will keep everyone posted on the sex and there will definitely be pictures. I will not be able to post anything until I get back home, so hopefully Friday you will see something! Love you all and I can't wait! Enjoy the photos I took of Elle from today.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you many changes & yet it's so exciting. Cannot wait to see & meet Ivan Patrick!!! Congrats on having a, I guess, Patrick will get to help you re-decorate the room to all OHIO STATE stuff!!! :)))