Monday, April 27, 2009

Ivan turned a week today at 1:09pm. How fast time really does go. Ivan sleeps ALOT and is eating really good. He does have Jaundice, you can tell in his eyes. We really need to get outside more. The jaundice really scares me, it can damage the brain if it gets too bad. Thursday, both the kids go to the doctor, so we will see what our doctor tells us on Ivan.

While Ivan was sleeping Elle and I painted some small pots and she was really into it. I was very impressed at how well she did, Patrick and I are very artistic. You never know, she could be our next famous painter! haha

When Patrick got home from work we all went on a walk, it probably was a little long for me. However I was feeling fine after I relaxed at home! I was getting Elle ready for bed, she always picks a book out. Well Ivan started to fuss, so I went to get him, the three of us read. I had Ivan laying on Elles bed and I would see him smile. It was like he was enjoying the 101 Dalmatian book as much as Elle was, too cute! Patrick could not witness this for he had to go back into work for an hour to get the pharmacy caught up:(

Anyways, here are the photos from her painting and then some photos of Ivan at a week old! Too bad, I did not have my camera during story time. Oh well, enjoy!


Joe said...
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Steve & Nancy said...

Oh...that looks like fun to paint some pots! My girls would love it!

4Castellanos6 said...

I love that Elle still has a paci...doesn't make me feel so bad that Selah still sucks hers :)