Monday, April 6, 2009

I have two weeks everyone!! AAAAHHHH! No, I am really excited and ready. My body wants to go back to normal. Well, as normal as its going to get with breastfeeding, no sleep and you know the routine.

This weekend has been uneventful, yet eventful. Early friday morning I woke up with a huge migraine, sore throat and laziness. Elle and I laid around all day, napped, watched movies, etc. Well, I needed some caffeine in the afternoon, so we ventured out. We ran through McDonalds for some caffeine and went to visit Patrick at the pharmacy drive-through. Well, we got home, I realized I needed something from Patrick, so we get in the car and I backed into the garage door. We were stuck in the garage. Okay, so I am not very smart, you are supposed to wait for the door to go up. I really do not know what was going through my brain, OBVIOUSLY NOTHING!

So, I call a repair company, they were supposed to come out Saturday from 10-12, the guy called me several times saying he was coming, LATE! He showed up at 1:30 and was done by 2. My door is back to working order, he threw in some screws and put the springs back on track. The door doesn't even look like it was damaged FROM THE OUTSIDE:) Elle and I played in the house Saturday morning waiting for this guy to come. Here are some photos from Saturday, enjoy!

Had to add a video too! (Press pause on the music at the bottom of the page)

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Steve & Nancy said...

WOW!!! Less than 2 weeks and we get to find out the sex of your baby...yaaay!!!! It's been a Looooooong wait! I am sure you feel the same. That is crazy about your garage door, but funny at the same time :) Elle is so stinkin' cute! Hugs to you both! :)