Sunday, March 15, 2009

This month has gone pretty fast. I feel some what overwhelmed, we are scheduled to have the baby on April 20th. I only have a little over a month to make sure everything is prepared for baby! There really is not much we need to do, however, I could start preparing my hospital bag:)

We have been staying pretty busy. Mondays are our only day to do nothing. Tuesdays Elle has gymnastics, which is so cute and fun! Wednesdays are swim lessons, which she is getting much better aclimated to the water; a huge bonus. Thursdays, we play with the dogs, usually take them to the dog park. Fridays are a day to play around the house. The weekends from here on out are jammed with parties! Hopefully we can make it to most of them, totally depends on nap schedule!

Elle (22mths) is so talkative and she loves to sing. Her little chipmunk voice is so cute and she is always smiling or laughing. Her love for the animals is precious, she is constantly giving them hugs & kisses. She is addicted to acouple things... Toy Story, Little Nemo, Mickey Mouse Playhouse and Elmo. I was always saying that she would not watch that much tv, well that went out the door a while ago. OOPS!

She also really enjoys reading, she will sit in her playroom and pull and read most of her books. Every night before bed, I have her pick out a book. It is most always Monsters, Inc. She saw this movie once at Robyns' and has loved it since. I am really getting tired of reading the book. Pretty soon, I think I don't even need to look at the words, I will have it memorized! I would have thought that the monsters would scare her, but they don't seem to bother her.

I bought her a playhouse for outside and she would sleep in it, if we would let her. She loves it! She gave us a huge scare the other day. I was out in the back pulling weeds, Patrick was on the computer and Elle was in the back yard with me. Well, so I thought. I yelled into Patrick "have you seen Elle?" No, so we thought she was just playing in her house quietly. NOPE, the neighbor boy rang our doorbell with Elle. She had gone out the garage door and into the front yard. YIKES! This was super terrifying to both Patrick and I. So now we keep all the doors locked to the front of the house. She was safe!

Patrick has been doing well, getting up and working out every morning then off to work. It is really nice having him home more! We get two full days during the week, then most evenings before dinner he gets home. He has been reading alot of books and is constantly researching something. This week it was drinking water, what tests are done and how bottled water differs from tap. He is now drinking from the filter from the refrigerator, its not much different from buying bottled water.

I have been busy this week too. I had two Celebrating Home meetings, getting the new info on our merged company. It is really great! You should check out my site.

I have not been feeling well, I wake up with a sore throat in the mornings. It goes away as the day progresses, it could be allergy, who knows. My headaches are coming and going. Last night, I was on the phone and my vision started to go. I just went to bed immediately after my phone call. Today, still have my headache/vision problem. It really is a pain, I hate taking any type of medicine, but broke down and took some extra strength Tylenol. Hopefully it helps.

The baby is moving around A TON!! Most of the time it hurts, just getting kicked or elbowed inside is not a good feeling. I am super happy though that the little one is so active, but come on. I am your MOM! No hitting!

We still love our house! Patrick got the grass to grow in the front yard and we had a neighbor boy mow it for us the other day. The back yard grass needs a lot of work. We believe we will have to lay all new sod:( Oh, well. Our bougenvilla are coming alive, they are probably my favorite plant out here in the west. The hot pink is so pretty to me! We need to buy two new lounge chairs, Art destroyed the ones we had. Patrick and I love to lay out in the sun and read or snooze. Thanks alot Art!

Well, here are some photos from the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

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Steve & Nancy said...

Oh cute...I had no idea you bought her a girls would love to play in it, but they would freak out about the dogs....UGH!!!! Oh well...maybe some day they will get over their fears!