Friday, January 23, 2009

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Elle and I went to see Mickey Mouse and his friends! Elle loves Mickey Mouse, Minnie and the gang, so I took her to Playhouse Disney Live down in Tucson. We went down early and had a fabulous lunch with Ali. It was sad, I was thinking about the last time I saw her and it was at her wedding last May:( Not good, both of us are just super busy and time passes. She is pregnant too, so Elle and the new baby will have a cousin! Very exciting.

We were lucky enough to have some friends at the show too! Anne, Connie and Katherine were all there with their families. It was great seeing them and Anne was nice enough to let us come sit with them. Here are photos from Playhouse Disney Live! Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

U have great photos...still waiting for Kat to send some my way! We had a great time...hope Elle was able to see the show from where you were sitting.

Anne & Chloe