Saturday, October 25, 2008

We had a great Saturday filled with fun! Elle and I went to Nicole's house to help her prepare for the 8th annual Halloween Party. Elle enjoyed all the decor they had up, she was not scared at all. After leaving Nicoles house, Elle got to spend the night at grandpa and Nana Lee's house.

I got home, Patrick and I went to Arena to eat and watch our Buckeyes lose:( We ran into some friends and then off to our house we went. Not prepared at all for the next event, we decided we should go to the party after all. We should never miss this annual event. They throw the best parties and no one will ever beat them! So we immediately come up with outfits. I run to Walgreens to get some essential items to complete our costumes and we are ready within 45 mins.

We get there, dance into the crowd and the look on Nicole's face was priceless! I had told her and three other friends that we were not coming. "I cannot drink and it just ruins all the fun of the night." So we surprised them!) The bar was filled with people in line waiting for the bartender to fix there concoctions. The costumes were outrageous and over the top. The decor frightened the unexpected and the music kept us all dancing the night away. Once again a party we'll never forget! The Brixey's definitely know how to throw parties! Here are the pics from the evening, enjoy.

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