Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Scorpions Concert

Patrick, Bob and I went down to Tuscon to see Scorpions. We had a great trip driving down there. We stopped at a truck stop to get gas and food. Bob started cleaning the front windshield and Patrick and I heard a SHRIEK! The windshield squeege smelled so awful. As the boys were in getting food, I noticed this Yeah, CLEAN, right!

We were just having fun and Bob was putting on socks and was complaining how they were short. Supposedly when he bought them, he thought they were knee high. So he puts the first one on; short. The second foot made us all laugh, it was way longer than the first! Obviously they were not a PAIR.

Our seats were three rows infront of the stage. Before the show started we noticed people standing between the stage and the seats. So off we were to stand next to the stage! It was awesome, we were so close and I got some really good pictures.

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